Is Your Child a Super Student?

Improving seven skills can lead to school success

  1. Listening
  2. Following Directions
  3. Self-Control
  4. Focus and Attention
  5. Visual-Spatial Reasoning
  6. Working Memory
  7. Thinking

Super Students thrive in school.

They love to raise their hands and engage with their teachers in the classroom. They rise eagerly to meet new challenges, and easily use their knowledge and skills to perform to their highest potential on any assignments or tests they encounter. And, at the end of each year, Super Students bring home their report cards with a huge smile.

What's behind these Super Students?

Students who build their executive function and cognitive skills set themselves up for school and life success. GoGoBrain is a fun way for kids to boost these skills, scores, and grades.

Building the Skills Behind School Success

GoGoBrain is an interactive online learning platform that strengthens seven critical meta-cognitive skills to create Super Students from Pre-K to 6th grade.

The best part? GoGoBrain feels like fun and games to your children.

What Are Meta-Cognitive Skills – and How Do They Lead to School Success?

Meta-Cognition is thinking about thinking - students with good meta-cognitive skills can evaluate different approaches to solving problems or reflect on why a certain approach while problem solving succeeds or fails. Executive function skills are skills that help you complete tasks - these include memory and focus, self-control, and being able to shift focus when necessary.

GoGoBrain was developed in partnership with the team, who have helped over 650,000+ students prepare for critical school tests. Our educational team identified seven vital meta-cognitive skills that create effective learners and successful scholars. When your children lack any of these skills, they may struggle to excel in school.

These Meta-Cognitive Skills Fall into Two Categories: Executive Functions and Cognitive Abilities

Executive Functions


Students learn how to take in what they hear, understand the meaning and interpret the message.

Following Directions

Students hone their skills for listening to (and later reading) the requirements and taking the right action.


Students practice skills to regulate the way they work and act, especially in difficult situations.

Focus and Attention

Students discover how to concentrate and stay on task, even in the face of distractions.

Cognitive Abilities

Visual-Spatial Reasoning

Students develop their skills to reason and solve problems using pictures, shapes and diagrams.

Working Memory

Students sharpen their ability to remember information just given, hold on to it and do something with it.


Students learn how to process information, analyze, reason, learn, know and exercise judgment.

Research has shown that developing these skills can have a significant impact on your child's school performance.

For example:

  • Self-control has been directly linked to stronger math, literacy and vocabulary performance.
  • The ability to follow directions fosters more active classroom participation, creating more mature, involved students.
  • Maintaining attention and focus in the classroom can be highly predictive of a student's future levels of achievement.

In just 15-30 minutes a day, GoGoBrain can help your child strengthen these meta-cognitive skills through our multi-dimensional games.

Read the research on how developing these seven meta-cognitive skills positively impacts students.

So, Who is GoGoBrain Built For? And How Does It Work?

All of the Learning Takes Place on One Simple Platform That's Fun for Kids and Easy to Use!

What Parents Are Saying About Our Program

GoGoBrain's games and activities have already helped thousands of families develop their children's meta-cognitive skills and instill a love of learning:

"Noah took his test yesterday. The first thing he said after was 'I had fun with it!' We took your advice so that he could sit through the test and focus better. As a testament, he even asked to do 'more puzzle books' last night!"

Daria — Queens, New York Mom

"Your website showed me how to help my child focus, pay attention and not give up quickly when the questions got hard."

Mike — Dallas, Texas Dad

"Your site (with tons of questions and activities) made higher order thinking a part of our lives. Hannah and her four-year-old brother now create, evaluate, analyze, and apply information without me even asking them too."

Katherine — Florida Mom

"My husband is super impressed with your website and we are all having a blast trying to answer the questions as well. Many times our son has to explain how he got the right answer for me because I don't get it (which my husband finds really enjoyable and loves to remind me that that is what I get from only graduating from an Ivy League Masters' program)!"

Catherine — Boston, MA Mom

"I loved that this was a game. I was able to get through way more questions as a game than as a test or workbook. It was painless!"

Anne — New York, NY Mom

"My kids love [your site]. We turn everything into a playful competition between them. They ask to go on the site and to answer more questions every day. This is the best summer camp for the kids. Thank you again!"

Mary Ann — NJ Mom


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Are You Ready to Make Your Child a Super Student?

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